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The hotel operator is Schrippenkirche e.V, which has been socially active in Berlin for over 130 years and is an institution.

Their commitment to Hotel Grenzfall is therefore quite logical: “Help the weak to be strong”! Even today, the Schrippenkirche association still feels strongly about this requirement.

In autumn 1882, some Christian craftsmen, together with the journalist Konstantin Liebich, created the association “Dienst an Arbeitslosen – Service for the unemployed”. Every Sunday, they held church services for the homeless in Berlin. A simple breakfast was served before the service: Coffee and two German Schrippen rolls. This is why people soon came to call the association the “Schrippenkirche”. First there were 25, then one hundred. But bread and spiritual words alone could no longer meet the growing demands. The people in attendance wanted accommodation and work. Thanks to a generous donation, the association was able to build a house in Ackerstraße in 1901.

A youth centre for the temporary accommodation of young homeless people was created. A workplace arose in the collection, reprocessing and resale of junk called “chunks”. Anyone who asked for clothing, food or other support was given the opportunity to work in one of the various areas for a few hours or days. An “office address” was founded for job placements. The association also performed these tasks in the 20s and beginning of the 30s. During the Nazi period its services were no longer required.

After 1945, a deaconess started to rebuild the association. In autumn 1979, the new house in Ackerstraße 136-137 was inaugurated, and it would soon be home to 109 people. We now look forward to our new task in Ackerstraße. Times have changed but the idea remains: Creation of jobs for the discriminated.

This is our mission: To help people in need!

Verein Schrippenkirche e.V.